Post Covid In-Person Business Safety Measures

I’m reopening for in-person services starting this week, with the following policies in place to protect unvaccinated people

  • I will avoid scheduling in-person activities back-to-back so that mutiple clients won't be in my business at the same time. Having fifteen minutes or more between visits will also let any possible viral mists dissipate and get cleared away by air circulation ducts.
  • Although apparently the virus is not transmitted by surfaces very well, just to be safe I'll disinfect common surfaces (pianos, doorknobs, etc.) after in-person business with 70% rubbing alcohol.
  • The bathrooms in the building are locked and only accessible by key. Anyone who wishes to use the bathrooms can be provided with a clean face mask just in case they run into someone else from the building. NOTE: Unfortunately, beyond my control, you may meet people from other businesses and elsewhere. I do not know whether these people have been vaccinated. So, if you wish to be absolutely sure not to have contact with other people, it would be best to continue with online lessons.
  • I will offer both online and in-person services and use the one that's best for each client. We can change from week-to-week if you wish, depending on your needs.
  • I completed inoculation over three weeks ago (early June) with the two-shot Moderna vaccine.
  • I think that these measures will make wearing masks in my studio unnecessary, but anyone may wear a mask if they wish.

Your safety and health are my utmost concern, so please let me know if you have any questions, issues, feedback, or suggestions.

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