Carol of the Bells (Guitar Duo Version)
Arranged by Jeff Anvinson

  • Guitar duo
  • Advanced level
  • Score, 8 pp, 128 mm; Guitar parts, 3 pp
  • Length: 2 minutes
  • Style: tonal, homophonic and contrapuntal

This dynamic and challenging concert piece was arranged by Jeff Anvinson in 2010 for two of his friends. It is an advanced-level arrangement for classical guitar duo. A challenging arrangement that treats the guitars as equals, it makes use of natural and artificial harmonics, pizzicato, ponticello, tasto, tambour, antiphonal techniques, a wide dynamic range, imitation, rapid trading back and forth, and bell-like effects. It is best performed with the two guitarists physically separated as far as reasonable to make the antiphonal features more obvious to the audience. It ends with a loud, arpeggiated, somewhat dissonant, eighth-note chord in one guitar, while the other guitar plays a more consonant chord - struck with the tambour technique - that is allowed to ring and sustain. This effect is hard to describe in words. It is somewhat like a brief percussive surprise followed by a sustained chord that seems to appear out of thin air and dissipate. The synthesized audio sample recording does not quite do the arrangement justice.

It is available in PDF format as a score and parts for only $9.99. Contact JLA Music by email,, to make arrangements to purchase it.

Audio Recording (synthesized)

First Page of the Score

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