It's a Creepy Keyboard Thing
Composed by Jeff Anvinson

  • Piano four hands
  • Late beginning/early intermediate level
  • 3 pp, 16 mm, 00:50
  • Style: chromatic, tonal, with some dissonances, contrapuntal

This piece was composed in 2013 for two grade-school sisters, Claire and Hannah, by their piano teacher, Jeff Anvinson. It's a short Halloween-themed piece to reinforce reading sharps and flats. In four-part quasi-chorale style, the harmonies are chromatic with one sharp dissonance at the end. (There is an optional ending that removes the dissonant note.) The inner section is very soft and homophonic in contrast to the outer sections, which are contrapuntal and louder. A text on a Halloween theme can be optionally sung or narrated along with the piano duet.

Available for free in PDF format.

"It's a Creepy Kayboard Thing", by Jeff Anvinson, free download


First page of the score

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