Romance by Anonymous for Solo Guitar
Free Download Below
Arranged for Beginners by Jeff Anvinson


Guitar Solo
Beginning Level
Guitar Part, 16 mm, 1 page, staff notation and tab
Fingerings for right hand
Length: 30 seconds
Style: melody, arpeggiated accompaniment, simple bass line

"Romance" by an anonymous composer was arranged by Jeff Anvinson for one of his students by request. It is one of the most famous pieces for classical guitar. Jeff's student is an absolute beginner who had played guitar literally only a few weeks when she decided that she'd like to learn this piece. Frustrated as many guitarists are by how relatively simple it is, except for two measures - which are considerably challenging because of a full barre - she asked Jeff if he could simplify it. This arrangement is the result. The troubling two measures have been replaced by a high-pitched bass note with the melody - slightly more animated by repeated notes - superimposed above.

It is available absolutely for free below as a download. You may distribute it free if you acknowledge the arranger (Jeff Anvinson) and this website - - but you may not sell it. (Jeff reserves the right to revoke this privilege in the future, but I can't imagine why he'd want to. Most of the music is in the public domain, so the only part that is copyrighted is Jeff's particular arrangement.)

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