New Video! Sonata for Violin and Guitar
New Recording! Sonatina for Guitar and Violin

Sonatina (2015) for Guitar and Piano, C 226
(Sonatina (2015) para Violão e Piano, C 226)

This is one of Ernst Mahle's newest compositions for guitar, composed in 2015 and emailed to JLA Music on June 8th, 2015. A Sonatina for Guitar and Piano, it is in three movements, marked "Prelúdio", "Interlúdio", and "Burlesque". The music was engraved by Mahle himself and is available for free download below. The full score will double as a performance edition for the pianist, and a separate guitar part is available for the guitarist.

I am extremely excited about this piece for a couple of reasons. Many years ago I was lucky to perform Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's "Fantasia" for piano and guitar. It was a pleasure to perform something for this combination with a fine pianist. Unfortunately, there are very few compositions for guitar and piano. But now, there is a great addition to the repertory by Ernst Mahle. I am also excited about this piece because Maestro Mahle has written at the top of the score "para Jeff Anvinson" (for Jeff Anvinson). I am so grateful to receive such a beautiful gift and hope to find a pianist with whom I can perform it soon.

Please download the music and try it out for yourself! I think you will find that it will prove to be yet another great addition to the guitar repertory. Mahle has contributed several works to the guitar/piano repertory. There are piano reductions available for his Dialogue for Guitar and Strings and his Concertino on a Spanish Melody for Guitar and Small Orchestra. They are available for free download on this website.

In April, 2016, pianist Cidinha Mahle (Ernst Mahle's wife), and guitarist Gerelmager Gonçalves, made a recording of the Sonatina, which they kindly supplied to this website. They performed the world-premiere in a concert at the 75th anniversary of the Maestro Ernst Mahle School of Music in Piracicaba, Brazil.

Jeff Anvinson, webmaster and owner/operator of JLA Music

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Full Score
Guitar Part

Audio Recording

Gerelmager Gonçalves, guitar, Cidinha Mahle, piano
Recorded April, 2016, in Piracicaba, Brazil

1st Movement

2nd Movement

3rd Movement

First Page of the Score

Sonatina (2015) for Guitar and Piano, C 226, by Ernst Mahle

First Page of the Guitar Part

Guitar Part from Sonatina (2015) for Guitar and Piano, C 226, by Ernst Mahle
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