Playing the Bossa Nova on Guitar
Bossa Nova Exercise Number One

Playing Brazilian jazz music is one of the most enjoyable things that I do as a performer. While discussing this art form with the bass player in one of the groups I play with, I decided to write out a typical Bossa Nova rhythm pattern for the guitar. If you are new to this style I hope the following exercise will help you develop your "Bossa Chops". Pluck the bass line (stems down) with your thumb and the other notes (stems up) with your fingers. I recorded an audio file which is found below the sheet music. Although I strongly encourage you to read the music in staff notation (see my ongoing series on reading staff notation for guitar here), you can download a version that includes tablature below.

I hope you enjoy playing this Bossa Nova exercise!

Jeff Anvinson, owner/operator of JLA Music

Bossa Nova Exercise Number One, copyright 2015 Jeffrey L Anvinson

(Click here to get a PDF version of this music in staff notation and click here to get one in tablature. Please don't distribute these PDFs by photocopying or posting them on the internet. You may print out one copy for your own use. If you know someone who wants a copy, simply refer them to this website. Please help me protect my intellectual property by respecting my rights.)

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