Singing Telegrams

Jeff Anvinson, Singing Telegram

Singing telegrams? Yes! I will deliver personalized singing telegrams in Grand Forks, ND, East Grand Forks, MN, and the surrounding area. For your special person, I can sing a song of your choice with acoustic guitar accompaniment. For extra fee I could compose a song specifically for the event, using your lyrics or mine, and perform it where and when you like. (By the way, I don't wear special costumes, just ordinary clothes.)


Cheaper than a dozen roses, the price starts at $50 for a simple rendition of "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary". Extras, like special songs, originally-composed music, and other add-ons, cost more. There is a modest travel fee for "deliveries" outside of the metropolitan area. I will give you a written estimate ahead of time so you know how much it will cost, with payment due at the completion of the telegram. Payment in person is available, but you can pay online.


Jeff Anvinson, Singing Telegram

I prefer to deliver singing telegrams in private rather than at someone's workplace. I don't want to disrupt a business unless permission from the business owner has been granted, ideally in a room away from the public. However, I've done singing telegrams in public places such as restaurants, Wal-Mart, a medical school office, a law office, a bank, and more, when permission was obtained. (I delivered a singing telegram right by the checkout registers at a Hugo's Grocery store once - with permission from Hugo's Grocery - but it was really odd singing while customers were waiting in line or getting their groceries rung up!)

My Expertise and Experience

Jeff Anvinson

I've been doing singing telegrams for many years, doing things like setting a special text to music composed specifically for the occasion, as well as special songs requested by clients. I'm a trained composer and professional musician, with performances numbering in the hundreds in the US, China, and Canada, so this sort of thing is right up my alley.


Jeff Anvinson, Singing Telegrams

If you have an idea for a singing telegram, shoot me an email ( or text 701-215-8095 and we can discuss it. If you request a song I don't know, I will need a few days to learn it, so please plan ahead. (I'm not good at memorizing songs quickly, but I can perform music well by reading it on the spot, so to speed things up I bring the sheet music and a music stand.)

The following checklist includes the things required for the singing telegram to go smoothly.


  • Is this going to be a surprise or will your friend know in advance?
  • Friend's name
  • Day, date, and time of the singing telegram
  • Reason for the singing telegram and detailed information so I can be sure to get everything right
  • Your phone number (texting capability preferred in addition to voice calling)
  • Location of the singing telegram, including house, building, room number, etc.
  • Best way to get to the location and get prepared (without arousing suspicion if it's a surprise)
  • Just in case, the name of an additional contact person at the event, along with their phone number (texting capability preferred in additional to voice calling)
  • Song to be sung
  • Special spoken message if desired. In general, I preface the singing telegram with who it's from, and conclude with a simple "Happy Birthday from [name]", unless something else is desired or additional spoken text is wanted.
  • Include a "safe" contact email and phone so that I can make sure not to tip off your friend if it's a surprise.
  • Any other special request
  • Dress (formal, informal)
  • Name of person who can run my video camera at the event
  • Photo of the recipient so I can recognize him/her easily
  • Has permission been obtained if it's a business or other public place? Include contact information

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