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If you wish to make an online payment to Jeff at JLA Music, you may do so here through Zelle (the best!), or alternatively, Venmo or PayPal. I prefer Zelle because they don't charge a fee for transactions, while Venmo and PayPal* sometimes do. (The graphic at the bottom of the page expresses my opinion about many financial companies that take advantage of us, while using our hard-earned money to make excessive profits.)

Click here to learn how to make a payment using Zelle - my favorite way to get paid!
(Use my email - - as the Zelle account number.)

pay through Zelle

Click here to make a payment through Venmo

Venmo payment Google Play App Store

Click here to make a payment through PayPal*

Problems making a payment? Click here and send me an email.

*A note from Jeff, the owner of JLA Music. I prefer getting paid via Zelle. They don't charge any fees and the transactions are virtually instantaneous. I'm not a big fan of Venmo or PayPal because they hold the money for a few days, or alternatively charge fees for instant transfers. If you have a favorite way to pay electronically that I haven't listed here, please let me know so I can set it up.

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