Learning Guitar Notes
E, F, and G in First Position on the First String

The three notes in first position on the first string that most people initially learn are E, F, and G. They are located on the open string, first fret, and third fret respectively. F is almost always fingered with the first finger, while G is most often fretted with the third finger, though the fourth finger is also very common. As always, any note can be fingered with any finger; the context determines which fingering is the best. Notice the example below which shows these notes in staff and tablature notation.

Learning Guitar Notes: E, F, and G in First Position on the First String

Now for the fun part! You've learn where the notes E, F, and G are found in first position on the first string. Let's practice them by playing a tune called "SlurpE", which is kind of in a Mariachi style. This song uses a left hand technique called a pull-off, which is described in detail here There is also a description of how to do a pull-off at the bottom of the following music. Since this piece may be challenging, there are three audio accompaniment tracks found below the music, each one at a different speed. You might want to start by playing along with the slowest one (which is quite slow), then try the medium speed, and when you think you've got the piece mastered, try the fastest one. Remember to count to four twice before you start playing. The audio tracks are in stereo, with the guitar part on the right channel and the accompaniment on the left channel.

I hope you have fun playing "SlurpE".

Jeff Anvinson, owner/operator of JLA Music

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Accompaniment Track - Slow Version

Accompaniment Track - Medium Tempo Version

Accompaniment Track - Fastest Version

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