Learning Guitar Notes
The Natural Notes of First Position

Shown below is a reference sheet that gives you a quick glance at where the natural notes of first position are located on the six strings of a guitar. (Natural notes are those without sharps or flats. The first position includes the open string notes and those up through the fourth fret.) You will also see some handy dandy mnemonic devices used by many guitarists to help them memorize the notes, such as "Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie", "FACE", and "Every Good Boy Does Fine". (My favorite for the latter is "Every Grandmother Barfs Delicious Food", which, while gross, is just shocking enough to help young kids remember the notes on the spaces in the treble clef. ;-)

If you would like a worksheet to help you remember the natural notes in first position, click here. Once you print it out, fill in the tablature for each note. You might even fill in the letter names too.

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