Grolsch Beer-Bottle O-ring

Beer and Guitar - the Perfect Combination to Keep Your Guitar Strap Secured!

How beer can keep your guitar strap from popping off during that rock star solo

*Many thanks to Ray N for tipping me off to this useful trick!*

I would be one of the last people to advocate that drinking beer would improve a live music performance. Indulging in alcohol while playing guitar onstage is probably not a good idea. But a by-product of buying at least one brand of beer will help stabilize your guitar playing.

Huh? Scratching your head yet? Let me explain.

Grolsch O-ring

Go to your local bar or liquor store and look for a bottle of Grolsch-brand beer. Check out the top. Look for a rubber O-ring. Notice that it is just the perfect size to fit on a strap button of an electric guitar. Now, with a leap of imagination, think about how that little O-ring could keep your guitar strap from unexpectedly slipping off while you're playing your guitar and doing the duck walk like Chuck Berry. Pretty nifty right?

Grolsch Beer-Bottle O-ring Guitar Strap Retainer

Before you leave that bar or liquor store, buy at least two bottles (or be a cheapskate and ask if you can rummage through their garbage or recycled-glass bin). Then go home and remove those O-rings from the bottles. (You can drink the beer if you like, but I don't drink beer (all beer gives me a stomach ache) so I wait till there's a beer-drinker around.

Put the strap on your guitar and stretch one of those Grolsch O-rings over each of the strap buttons. It will work perfectly to keep your strap from unintentionally slipping off while you throw your guitar around your back, then to the front again, in one swooping motion. (This really impresses your fans, right? - until your guitar flies off into the floor, followed by an expensive repair job!) As long as you're not a show-off, the by-product of beer drinking (or not drinking the beer you bought) will improve your confidence and guitar playing!

The next thing I'm going to do is wait patiently by my phone after this article goes live on my website. Why? I've gotta hope that the Grolsch beer company might thank me by offering money - or beer - if their sales improve as a result of this webpage.

Hope you have fun enjoying the by-product of drinking (or not drinking) Grolsch beer!

Jeff Anvinson, owner/operator of JLA Music

Drink responsibly - never drink and drive. Drinking and performing music is not advised either.

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